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When you think of Italy one of the first things that will likely pop into your mind is the food. Perhaps the world’s most popular cuisine, Italian food is so much more than just pizza and spaghetti. As any visitor to the country can attest, Italian cuisine is incredibly diverse with strong regional variation and offers an abundance of tastes. With most dishes consisting of just a handful of ingredients, Italian food is also quite simple. Does this mean that its easy to cook? Not necessarily. But its definitely made easier when you know just the right amount of ingredients to use and how exactly to judge the quality of those ingredients.

And there is no better place to learn that than under a real Italian chef. Italian cooking courses can be found all up and down the peninsula but the greatest concentration is, by far, located in Tuscany, which has a reputation for good food. Many courses are multi-day affairs, offering countryside villa accommodation allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture, the food and the setting. However, most schools also offer single day courses, meaning those short on time can also take advantage of an Italian cooking course while on holiday.

Italian Cooking Courses in Florence and Tuscany

Casa Ombuto – It may not be the cheapest option, but these all-inclusive cooking courses have become highly regarded through their three and seven-day cooking holidays that include resort-like accommodation, all meals (including fine wines), culinary excursions and, of course, cooking courses. More>>

Tuscan Women Cook – This all-inclusive week-long course based in the Tuscan village of Montefollonico sets classes at various private homes in Tuscany. Taught in Italian by local Tuscan women (but translated into English) these classes are supplemented by visits to markets, farms and some of Tuscany’s finest restaurants. More>>

Good Tastes of Tuscany – Offers day-long cooking courses set at a Tuscan villa; courses include pick-up from your hotel in Florence. Two, three, and seven day-long courses are also available. More>>

Cooking at The Juicy Chef

The Juicy Chef – This Tuscan school has a variety of cooking programs available. Combination packages combining cooking with wine tasting, farm visits and gastronomic tours are available; also offers single-day, afternoon classes that include dinner. More>>

Food and Wine Academy of Florence – Based in the city of Florence, this school offers five-hour cooking courses that include lunch and market visits. Wine tours, and pizza and gelato making classes are also available. More>>

Organic Tuscany – Offers a very popular, all-inclusive week-long cooking program set on a restored olive farm and grape vineyard in the Tuscan countryside. Day-long, Chianti-based cooking classes are also available. More>>

La Cucina del Garga- Prepare and enjoy a four-course dinner with wine at this recommended Florence-based cooking course. More>>

Toscana Mia – This well-received cooking school offers half-day cooking classes in Florence and multi-day, all-inclusive cooking programs in Chianti. All classes can be supplemented with Italian language lessons, home stays and wine tours. More>>

A class at Cooking in Tuscany

Cooking in Tuscany – Day-long, multi-day and week-long cooking courses are taught at this Florence school set on the banks of the River Amo. Wine-tasting courses are also available. More>>

Ecco La Cucina – A Chianti-based school offering one-day cooking classes and week-long culinary and wine tours. More>>

Giglio Cooking – For the more serious aspiring chefs, this Florence-based school offers week-long, month-long and three month-long cooking programs. More>>

Italian Cooking Classes elsewhere in Italy

Cooking Classes in Rome – A very positively-received school in Rome offering a five-hour, day-long cooking class where you get to prepare and enjoy a four-course meal made with organic ingredients. More>>

Bologna Cooking School – Learn cooking in the region that most Italians think has the best food in the country; offers highly recommended half-day, full-day and multi-day courses. More>>

Daniela’s Cooking School – Day-long cooking classes focusing on how to prepare dishes from Rome and Southern Italy are offered at this Rome-based school; free market tours included with the class. More>>

Maria’s Cookery Course - Located in Venice, this cooking school offers one-day, four-day and six-day cooking courses. The longer courses include wine tasting tours and trips to local markets. More>>

Cook in Venice – Offers a popular weekend package that includes Italian cooking lessons, an Italian language course and an authentic Italian home-stay. One-day cooking courses are also available. More>>

Convivio Rome – Located in the hills of Sabrina just outside Rome, this cooking school has single-day and multi-day cooking courses on offer; excellent feedback. More>>


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