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There are plenty of reasons to study Italian: It sounds good. It helps you better appreciate the famed cuisine. It provides another outlet to experience Italy’s rich artistic tradition. But the one reason that is often ignored is that Italian can be an incredibly encouraging language to learn, especially if you are learning it Italy. Not only is the grammar and pronunciation fairly straightforward (anybody who has studied French or Spanish in the past should have no problem picking it up), but Italians are often very appreciative and forgiving of foreigners’ attempts to speak their language (which can’t always be said about other countries in the region!).

Once they find out that you can speak a little Italian many will eagerly open up and be all too willing to talk about their country with you. They get uncomfortable with awkward silences so if you are at a loss for words they will gladly talk to fill the gap. All of this creates an ideal recipe for the language learner, whose study of the language will pay dividends almost immediately. Anybody who is planning to spend an extended period of time in Italy should not hesitate to consider an Italian language course while there. Most Italian language schools are of a very high standard and also offer a smattering of cultural education in art, cookery, wine or fashion to supplement your language study.

Italian Language Courses in Italy

Est Ovest Roma – A wide variety of intensive, extensive and individual courses available at this Rome school, including a promising “Wine Loosens the Tongue” class where half of the class is spent in a classroom and the other half is spent conversing in a wine bar. More>>

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci – All kinds of Italian courses are on offer at this Italian language and culture school with branches in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena. Courses can be combined with  and art, music, cooking, fashion and design classes; long-term, short-term, part-time, intensive, private and professional courses available. More>>

Babilonia – A beautiful, accredited Italian school located on island of Sicily. Both private and group courses are available and many social activities are included in the price of the course. Pottery, cooking, diving, biking, hiking and golf classes/activities can be added to your Italian study. More>>

Scuola Toscana – In addition to their regular program of Italian language coures, this Florence school offers Italian classes for families and in business, tourism, fashion, music and art history. Commission-free apartment accommodation can also be arranged. More>>

Scuola Appia Vecchi – A unique school where all classes are taught by a singe teacher at his private villa in the hills south of Rome. Accommodation and meals are also offered at the school, ensuring that you’ll be able to practice your Italian all-day and night; free Italian cookery lessons are also included.More>>

Lingua Viva – School offering a broad selection of Italian courses in both Florence and Milan. Courses can be combined with art, design, photography and cooking classes. More>> 

Scuola Dante Alighieri – Offers four-weeks of Italian and culture classes based in the picturesque university town of Camerino; Reasonably priced to include accommodation and field trips to surrounding towns. 2 and 3-week courses are also available, as is a combined Italian language/Italian law class. More>>

Il Faro – Located just outside Venice, this school offers intensive 20-hour group courses and more relaxed classes focusing strictly on conversation. Classes for children are also available. More>>

Comitato Linguistico – A wide selection of Italian private and group courses are available at this non-profit school, situated in the old city-center of the lively Umbrian town of Perugia. More>>

Lingua Si – Located in the quaint hill town of Orvieto, this Italian school gets high marks for its idyllic setting, reasonable prices and good selection of language and culture courses. More>>


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