Latin can be an incredibly rewarding language to learn

As the official language of the Roman Empire, Latin was one of history’s most renowned and important lingua francas. It was once spoken over an area that stretched from the British isles all the way into Northern Africa and the edge of Persia. English is perhaps the only language that has ever been able to match the role that Latin once had in facilitating international communication.

Today Latin is only spoken among small circles of scholars and clergymen. However, learning Latin can still be incredibly rewarding. It is a highly inflected language with a challenging grammar. It is often said that those who study it will find learning any other subject ten-times easier. In fact, it does make its daughter languages (Spanish, French, Italian etc.) much easier to grasp. Most English words also come from Latin and those who study it see their level of English vocabulary skyrocket (which always comes in handy if you are planning to take the GRE/LSAT/GMAT etc. or if you intend to go into medicine or law).

While you can learn Latin anywhere in the world, there is something appealing about learning it in the capital of the empire where it was once spoken daily.

Latin Schools in Italy

Sprache Caffe – A Rome school offering a semi-intensive course in standard Latin aimed at all levels. Classes in other languages are also available. More>>

Paideia Institute – An intensive, five-week Latin program is available at this Rome academy. More>>

Centro Machiavelli – Offers two and four-week Latin courses for those who can speak a little Italian; based in Florence; also offers Italian language and cooking classes. More>>

Lingua IT – A Verona-based Italian language and cultural school with a Latin language and culture course for those with at least an intermediate level of Italian. More>>


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