If you have ever aspired to become a wine connosieur or just simply wanted to be able to tell the difference between a good and bad wine, then Italy is the perfect place to get acquainted with enology – the art and science of wine. Located in one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world, Italy has been producing wine ever since the Greeks introduced it in the ninth-century BC. In the 2,800 years since then, Italy has grown to rank number one in the world in wine consumption and number two (France is first) in wine production.Wine has become a fundamental part of the famed Mediterranean diet and every Italian knows that a good meal isn’t complete without a nice glass of wine.

Judging by the selection of wine tasting courses available in Italy, Italians are all too happy to share some of the rich knowledge and expertise that they have built up in the field of wine. You can take wine-tasting courses on their own but they are even better as a complement to an Italian cooking course. Do both and your dinners will never be the same again.

Wine Tasting Courses in Italy

Vino Roma -  A very popular and reasonably priced wine-tasting course in Rome; offers daily two-hour classes that introduce various Italian wines and how to judge and taste each. More>>

Good Tastes of Tuscany –  Offers three separate four-hour wine tasting courses that include visits to vineyards and other wine-making facilities; cooking classes also available; located at a villa and vineyard in the Chianti region. More>>

Cooking in Tuscany - Located in a castle next to the Amo River in Florence, this cooking school also has various day-long wine tasting courses available. More>>

Florence Wine Academy – Offers daily, two-hour wine tasting courses where participants can learn to taste and distinguish five different Tuscan wines; located in Florence; past feedback has been positive. More>>

Tuscan Wine School – With branches in both Siena and Florence, this well-received wine school offers a one-hour wine-tasting crash course, in addition to tasting classes in Tuscan wine, Italian wine and olive oil; foundation certificates also available. More>>

Italy and Wine – Offers a two-hour wine tasting class, five-times a week in Florence; a variety of wine tours are also offered; positive feedback received. More>>

Milan Wine Academy – A good choice for those who are serious about becoming wine connoisseurs; this Milan school offers a five-week wine tasting and appreciation course. More>>

Italian 4  Foreigners – Offers an 8-hour wine tasting program (2 hours per week) based in Rome. More>>


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