Centuries-old temples are scattered across the Thai landscape

Ever since tourism to Thailand started to take off in the 1960s, foreigners have been coming to Thai monasteries to study Buddhism and master the art of meditation. The sheer number of quality courses that have developed over the years make the country both a practical and rewarding choice for learning this ancient  art. Over 95% of the Thai population are Theravada Buddhists and many still actively practice the tenets of it, including meditation. 

Meditation is a fantastic self-improvement tool and those who have mastered it swear by it. Being able to clear your mind through meditation for just a few minutes each day leads to increased concentration, improved memory, lower stress and spurts of creativity. Sure, its possible to get meditation training in your home country. But when you have the chance to learn in a place where there is such a rich Buddhist tradition, a wide range of knowledgeable and friendly English-speaking instructors and temples and monasteries where monks have been meditating for hundreds of years, why would you? 

Buddhism and Meditation Courses in Thailand

Wat Suan Dok – This Chiang Mai monastery offers a 2-day meditation course where they  whisk participants off to an overnight mountain retreat; perfect for those who don’t have the time to commit to a longer residential course. 4-day retreats are also offered. More>>

 Suan Mokkh – Offers ten-day meditation retreats starting on the first of every month. Located at a monastery about 50km. from Surat Thani. More>>

Wat Sri Boen-Ruang – This temple outside of Chiang Mai has received positive feedback for their one-month meditation retreat. But you can also study here for as little as ten days. More>> 

International Buddhism Center, Prathat Doi Suthep – This famous retreat gets high marks for its setting, which is within the confines of the famous Doi Suthep temple at the top of Suthep Mountain overlooking the city of Chiang Mai. Retreats range from as little as four days to a month or longer. More>>

 International Buddhist Meditation Center , Bangkok – One of the few Bangkok-based temples offering Buddhist meditation instruction. Participants have the option either doing a day course or 4-day overnight retreats. More>> 

 Wat Pan Nanachat – Located in a rural Northeastern Thailand forest, this temple is ideal for those who really want to escape from the outside world. A 3 day minimum stay is required and interested guests must write and send a hand written letter in advance (Yes, by snail mail. There is no internet or email at the wat). More>>

Thailand Meditation Center Phuket – A pricey, upscale option for those who want more comfort and fewer restrictions than a what a traditional temple stay offers. More>> 

POP House – Another meditation retreat that doesn’t take place at an actual Buddhist temple but still offers high quality meditation instruction in comfortable surroundings at a reasonable price; located outside of Bangkok. More>> 

 Wat Umong – Those who can speak a little Thai have even more interesting temple-stay options open to them such as this Chiang Mai temple, which offers both Buddhist and meditation instruction. More>>


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