Muay Thai training at Island Muay Thai School on Koh Tao

Japan has karate. China has kung-fu. Korea has taekwondo. In Thailand, the traditional martial arts of choice is called Muay Thai, or Thai boxing. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and even has its own national holiday (March 17) devoted to it. Often called the “Science of Eight Limbs,”  it emphasizes using all eight points of contact during combat, with the “eight points” including both elbows and knees, in addition to your fists and feet. Traditionally, an art of self-defense, Muay Thai is now practiced by many Thais as a means to keep fit, to compete and to experience personal growth.

In recent years, schools specializing in teaching Muay Thai to foreigners have cropped up. These schools have proven to be very popular and some foreign fighters spend months training at them. Now its not uncommon to see (as any visitor to Chaweng Beach on Ko Samui can attest) competitive Muay Thai matches pitting off two foreigners against each other or a foreigner against a top Thai fighter. But you don’t have to reach this level to benefit from a Muay Thai class. In fact, just one day of Muay Thai training will leave you with a workout consisting of yoga, calistenics, running, combat techniques and sparring. It’ll likely be a workout that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Muay Thai Schools in Thailand

Tiger Muay Thai – A very popular school located on the resort island of Phuket; Offers half-day, full-day, week, month, 3-month and 6-month long Muay Thai courses. An optional meal plan is also available for long-term students. Boxing, mixed martial arts and jiu jitsu can also be learnt here. More>>

Muay Sangha – Located in Chiang Mai, this school caters to the more serious Muay Thai students; recommends a minimum one-month program of classes that consists of yoga and meditation training, in addition to Muay Thai combat skills. More>>

Rawai Muay Thai Camp – A recommended Phuket training facility that offers half-day, full-day, week-long and month-long Muay Thai classes. Beach-front training and on-site accommodation are some of the impressive features of their training program. More>>

Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp – In addition to half-day, full-day and month-long Muay Thai classes, this Ko Phangan school also offers a jungle survival course. More>> 

Kombat Group – This Pattaya-based school offers all-inclusive packages consisting of Muay Thai training, accommodation and three meals a day. A minimum stay of one-week is required. Western boxing classes are also available. More>> 

Chacrit Muay Thai School – Located in Bangkok, this training facility offers one-on-one Muay Thai classes and student visa sponsorship for long-term students. More>>

Supero Samui – A Ko Samui gym offering Muay Thai and mixed martial arts training. Half-day, full-day and long-term courses are available. More>>

Chay Yai Gym – This Chiang Mai gym has day, week and month-long Muay Thai training programs. More>>

Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp – This Chiang Mai training center offers Muay  Thai courses ranging from a half-day to a month long; accommodation and meal plans also available. More>>

Island Muay Thai – Located on the diving mecca island of Koh Tao, the Muay Thai courses offered here would be a perfect complement to a diving course. More>>

Ingram Muay Thai & Martial Arts Academy – Based in Bangkok, this gym offers an array of afternoon drop-in Muay Thai courses and all-inclusive packages including housing and food. More>>

Lion Muay Thai Phuket – Daily, weekly and monthly Muay Thai courses and all-inclusive training packages can be had at this Phuket martial arts school. More>> 


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