Anybody who travels to Thailand quickly develops an affinity for the cuisine. And with good reason! Rich in spices and flavors, Thai food is truly one of the world’s great culinary pleasures. It doesn’t matter whether you are dining at a five-star restaurant or a cheap, roadside stall you are almost always guaranteed to finish a Thai meal feeling satisfied.

Understandably so, Thai cooking classes are some of the most popular activities that travelers enjoy during their visit to Thailand. Courses are usually a half-day or full-day affairs, but longer ones can also be found. Participants normally get to cook anywhere from three to six dishes and, best of all, will eat everything that they make (Be sure to skip breakfast!). Many schools also distribute recipe books and take participants on tours of local spice and produce markets prior to cooking. The whole experience is highly recommended and will have your taste buds thanking you.

Thai Cooking Courses in Bangkok

Silom Thai Cooking School – Certified, friendly instructors, a morning market tour and the preparation of a five-course lunch can all be had at this popular Silom school. More>>

Blue Elephant – This course is taught by instructors from the world famous Blue Elephant restaurant chain and, as one of the more expensive options, will have you preparing more upscale, gourmet-style meals complete with wine and desserts. Multi-day courses and vegetarian programs are also offered. More>>

Ma-Sa-Man - Conveniently located in the Khaosan Road district, this top rated school gets high marks for the resulting tastiness of the produced dishes. Program includes a market tour, recipe book and optional fruit carving extension class. More>>

May Kaidee’s Restaurant and Cooking School – A friendly and recommended school that focuses exclusively on the preparation of vegan and vegetarian dishes.  More>>

Maliwan – In addition to half-day morning and afternoon courses with alternating menus, this school also offers a free two hour demonstration course every month. More>>

Baipai Thai Cooking School – Another top rated option on Trip Advisor, this course is based in a beautifully landscaped, purpose-built outdoor kitchen and garden, which is a haven of calm in the bustling, noisy city of Bangkok. More>>

Thai Cooking Courses in Chiang Mai

At the Siam Rice Thai Cookery School

Siam Rice Thai Cookery School – This school comes very highly recommended (the author has even taken a course here). Run by a friendly, entertaining, and very knowledgeable couple, it offers half-day, full-day and multi-day classes where each participant is able to choose what dishes to make, instead of being assigned a menu. The food is tasty and instruction is of high quality. More>>

Basil Cookery School – Another highly recommended school, this one offers both morning and evening half-day courses where you are able to cook seven different dishes (and eat them!) all in the span of five hours. More>>

Baan Thai Cookery School – Offers both morning and evening courses and gives participants the chance to individually choose what dishes to cook; includes a market tour and bonus instruction on how to make sticky rice. More>>

Asia Scenic Cooking School – This school offers participants the chance to learn on an organic farm and cook with freshly grown vegetables and herbs. Both full day and half day courses are offered. More>>

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School - For those serious about learning Thai cooking, this school offers longer Masters courses that range from one to five days or longer, in addition to beginner’s classes. A home stay option is also available for those interested in a longer course. More>>

Thai Cooking Courses Elsewhere in Thailand

Happy Home Thai Cooking School – Located in the resort town of Pattaya, this school offers both morning and afternoon courses that give participants the chance to cook four popular Thai dishes. Intermediate and regional cooking courses are also available. More>>

Pattaya Cooking School – In addition to regular Thai cooking courses, this Pattaya school also offers courses in European cooking, Thai dessert, baking, cocktail making and fruit and vegetable carving. More>>

Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts – Located on the sunny island of Ko Samui, this school provides half-day morning and evening courses geared towards tourists and 1-2 week intensive cooking programs for the more serious chefs. More>> 

Blue Elephant Phuket – The Phuket branch of the popular , upscale Bangkok school (see above). More>>

Phuket Thai Cookery School – Located on the famous resort island of Phuket, this school offers a different cooking program for every day of the week so be sure to choose the day with the menu that appeals to you. More>>

Koh Chang Thai Cooking School – A good, friendly option for those who are holidaying on the up and coming island of Koh Chang. This school offers four hour courses where participants learn to cook six different Thai dishes. More>>


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