Don't just shop for a Turkish carpet. Learn how to make one!

The Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs and, of course, the Ottoman Turks all left artistic influences on Turkey. Being influenced by so many cultures over the centuries, its no surprise that Turkey turns out some of the most vibrant art and handicraft work in the world. Travelers from all over the globe flock to Turkey purely to shop for Turkish carpets, earthenware, silkware and leather clothing.

But you can do more than just shop for this famous artwork. You can actually learn how to make it! There are schools throughout Turkey that specialize in teaching skills such as carpet weaving, pottery making, water painting, photography and more. These courses are all taught in English with experienced and knowledgeable instructors and come highly recommended. They would each be a perfect complement to your Turkish holiday.

Arts and Handicrafts  School Listings

Chez Galip – A collection of studios built inside the caves of  Cappadocia, this school offers courses in pottery making, carpet weaving and traditional Turkish dance.

Gokpinar Retreat Center – Located in a small village just outside of Bodrum on the Aegean Coast, this idyllic retreat teaches courses in carpet weaving, basket and spoon making, dance, cookery and yoga.

Kayaköy Art Camp – Located in the abandoned Greek town of Kayaköy, this 2-week art camp allows participants to try their hands at a number of different skills, including carpet weaving, waterpainting, photography, dance and more.

Ultramarine Studio – Offers 5-day painting courses in the harbourside town of Kas, one of the most beautiful and charming cities in all of Turkey.

Heritage Travel
– This Goreme based travel company offers a 10-15 day course in carpet weaving that combines instruction in carpet weaving with a stay in a traditional Turkish village and Cappadocia sightseeing.

Naile Sanat Evi – This Cappadocia-based art studio that is well known for its fine ebru (traditional Turkish water painting) that it produces and. It also offers courses in the art.

Istanbul Photography Workshops – Offers week-long workshops that allow participants to learn the art of photography in one of the most photogenic cities in the world.

Discovery Art Travel – Offers a 3-week learning tour where particpants can take reputable ceramic workshops while traveling through Turkey.


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