In addition to being delicious, Turkish cuisine is often exquisitely designed.

When you think of Turkish food, chances are that you think of doner kebab, the ridiculously tasty gyro sandwich that consists of a mix of vegetables and meat, shaved off of a vertical spit, wrapped in pita bread.  But Turkish food is so much more than just this fast-food option. In fact, Turkish cuisine has a rich classical tradition. Many of the dishes eaten in Turkey today are the same dishes that were created in the Ottoman Palace’s kitchens, which staffed over 1,300 full-time cooks, and were served to the Ottoman elite. On Ramadan and other notable holidays, the Palace would distribute these dishes to the general population, allowing common people to not only get a taste of what the Palace chefs were cooking, but also to learn how to prepare the same dishes themselves.

Now you can learn how to prepare this great, classical cuisine, which is rich in fish, lamb, nuts, dried fruit, eggplant, bread, cheese and olive oil. There are countless schools dotted around the country that offer half-day, full-day, multi-day or longer courses in multiple languages that teach you how to prepare a variety of popular Turkish dishes and mezes (small, snack-like side dishes). Of course, the best part of these courses is that you will also be able to eat and/or take home everything that you cook.

Turkish Cooking Course Listings

Cooking Alaturka – A very popular school located in Istanbul that provides half-day courses taught in English which includes 2 hours of cooking and 2 hours of dining.

Sarnic Hotel Cooking Class – This highly recommended cooking class, based in the kitchen of the Sarnic Hotel in Istanbul, allows participants to cook a five-course traditional Turkish meal and dine on the hotel’s roof.

Turkish Flavours – Another highly recommended Istanbul-based school with half-day and 2-day Turkish cooking courses that focus on health, sustainability and fresh ingredients.

Les Arts Turcs Cooking Class – As a bonus, this half-day cooking takes participants to local markets and spice vendors to learn more about the different kinds of ingredients used in Turkish cooking.

Delicious Istanbul – This well-received, 6-hour cooking class also offers a market tour and gives participants a chance to prepare (and eat) a full-course Turkish dinner complete with starters, desserts and Turkish wine.

Heritage Travel – This tour outfit has half-day Turkish cooking classes in Cappadocia where participants not only learn how to prepare a full-course Turkish lunch, but also how to prepare Turkish coffee.

Cooking Classes Bodrum
-Located in breezy Bodrum along the Aegean Coast, this school offers a wide variety of courses, from full-day and three-day ones, to weeklong cooking retreats and team building courses.

Gokpinar Retreat Center
– In addition to offering in carpet-weaving, dance and yoga, this cultural resort outside of Bodrum also offers organically-minded Turkish cooking courses.

Kalkan Guru – Located along the Turquoise Coast in picturesque Kalkan, this bed and breakfast offers both half-day and weekend-long courses that combine cooking instruction with sight-seeing in  the region.

Village Cooking Class – Located in the village of Kirazli near Ephesus and Kusadasi this homestay offers cooking classes focused on preparing local Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine; ideal if you want a taste of Turkish rural life.

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