Turkey has seen a tremendous growth in English language education over the past several years. As the country’s economy continues to grow and as the forces of globalization continue to shape it, demand for qualified English teachers is only going to increase. Curently, Turkey is one of the few places on the European continent (and one of the few places outside of East Asia) where you can expect to make a decent wage ESL teaching.

It is also a practical choice for American, Canadian and Australian ESL teachers who want to live and teach in Europe but are often prevented from doing so due to EU Visa regulations. Many of the jobs are located in Istanbul (which “feels” as European as just about any other capital city on the continent), meaning that the rest of Europe is just a short flight or train ride away. There are many other reasons to consider teaching in Turkey. The food is good, the students are polite and respectful, and jobs are easy to come by. However, they usually require a TEFL/CELTA certificate. Fortunately, there are plenty of schools in Turkey that specialize in providing just that.

If you are interested in teaching in Turkey then it makes sense to also get qualified there because many of the TEFL schools also have connections with English schools, making the job hunt easier. If you are planning to teach in Asia or elsewhere, getting certified in Turkey can also be rewarding, as you would get to experience a culture that is both endlessly fascinating and vastly different from the one in which you would be planning to live. 

TEFL Courses in Turkey

Cactus TEFL - Cactus TEFL is an internationally known school offering TEFL training courses in a variety of locations around the world. Their four-week course in Istanbul provides a job guarantee upon completion. More>>

TEFL Institute – Another popular international TEFL school that offers a four week course in Istanbul and provides assistance in finding a job. More>>

 International TEFL Academy – This 4-week Istanbul-based course has received favorable reviews for its job placement efforts and social program. More>>
International Training Institute Istanbul – One of the only schools in Istanbul to offer the prestigious and internationally recognized CELTA certificate, which does carry more weight in the job hunt than other TEFL certificates. More>>
 The Language House Antalya – This popular TEFL course, located in the sunny coastal city of Antalya, is more affordable than the Istanbul-based courses and offers the chance to supplement your TEFL education with Turkish lessons. More>>
iTEFL – Offers internationally recognized and accredited four-week TEFL courses in both Istanbul and Antalya. More>>
INTESOL Turkey – This well-received school offers both four-week full-time and nine-week part-time and weekend courses located in either Istanbul or Antalya. More>>
Via Lingua – This TEFL course has received positive reviews for its friendly staff, knowledgeable instructors and convenient location in one of the trendiest areas of Istanbul. More>>
Bilkent University School of English Language - Offers the internationally recognized CELTA certificate in either 8 or 16 week modules; located in the capital Ankara. More>>


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